How Common is Hematuria in West Palm Beach, FL?

The term “hematuria” is unfamiliar to some but simply means, blood in the urine. Though noticing blood in your urine is definitely troubling, sometimes there’s a very simple explanation. And yet, women in West Palm Beach, FL should never just assume that a mysterious pain or symptom is nothing to worry about. Below are a [Read More…]

Tips For Dealing with Hematuria in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Most people get very upset if they see blood in their urine but it’s really important to remain calm and make some notes about your condition before calling the urologist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. For instance, have you been having any other symptoms lately? Write down any unusual symptoms on a piece of paper and [Read More…]

Learning About Hematuria in West Palm Beach, FL

Hematuria is a condition where an individual notices blood in their urine. Though this is alarming and you should see your urologist in West Palm Beach right away, this is sometimes not a serious illness. For instance, it can be caused by over exertion. Also, if you regularly take high dosages of aspirin, you might [Read More…]

First Aid Tips For Hematuria

Seeing blood in your urine can be very alarming. It’s important to stay calm though and make some important observations. For instance, what color is the urine? There are various shades of red and pink that can indicate different health issues, so be sure to note the exact color before contacting your urologist. Were there [Read More…]

Factors That Can Cause Blood in Urine for Women

There are two types of blood in urine: microscopic and gross hematuria. With gross hematuria, a woman will actually see the blood and this should be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible. Blood can show up as a light pink color or deep red with clots. With the microscopic type, the blood is [Read More…]