Why Patients Choose A Specific Gender in Some Specialties

Why Patients Choose A Specific Gender in Some Specialties

So many people today deal with medical issues that can be embarrassing to talk about. For instance, if you’re a man with erectile dysfunction, you would probably prefer speaking to another man about it. This philosophy holds true with many illnesses. Incontinence is a perfect example. People really hate having to tell anyone that they have problems with incontinence, but it’s actually not so bad if a woman is speaking to another woman.

A Growing Problem in America: Adult Incontinence

Adult incontinence affects over 25 million Americans each year. The majority of these are over 50 years old. Experts believe that almost everyone will have a temporary problem with incontinence at some point in their life. You might have a bladder infection, you might be pregnant, or just overweight. All it takes is one hard cough or laugh and you’re in trouble. If this happens occasionally, some people go ahead and wear adult diapers. The styles and make of this product have changed so much just within the last few years. You can wear them under anything without detection. They look good and feel comfortable. So there’s really no reason not to wear them if you feel the need.

Doctors say that often patients just stop going out once they become incontinent. But with the breakthroughs in treatment options, it’s really not necessary to do that. See a doctor and figure out the solution that works best for you, then go back to living your life and don’t worry about it. Regular visits to your urologist can keep your condition in check and give you the confidence to get out and have fun.

Dealing with Male Reproductive Issues

If a man is having an issue with his reproductive organs, it can be embarrassing to sit in a waiting room with women. The opposite is also true. Women don’t like to discuss illnesses like urinary tract infection with a man sitting across from her. These are just a few of the reasons for choosing a urologist who only treats your gender. It may take a bit of research and a few phone calls, but it’s well worth the trouble to get an Urologist that you can trust and who understands what you’re going through.

All Women Urology has been serving the Palm Beach Gardens area for years with top quality care for urologic conditions. Dr. Lobby and her staff are all women and they are fully qualified and very compassionate about your medical problems. By providing a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, patients feel good about openly discussing various urological conditions.

All Women Urology is one of the few medical practices in the Palm Beach Gardens area with a female doctor and staff and that makes it unique. Why not schedule an appointment soon so you can make sure that area of your body is working as well as possible.