What Causes Bladder Stones for Jupiter, FL Residents?

What Causes Bladder Stones for Jupiter, FL Residents?

Much like kidney stones, bladder stones are made of hardened minerals. Drinking plenty of water can usually keep things flowing normally, but sometimes urine gets trapped in the bladder. There, it can quickly become thickened and concentrated, eventually becoming crystallized. This may cause stomach pain or even blood in the urine.

Causes of Bladder Stones

In some patients, bladder stones develop because the individual has a long history of drinking lots of coffee and soda but no water. The human body is so good at dealing with this sort of thing that it will often take years of abuse before you start feeling symptoms. Once you do, correcting the problem can take time. That’s why doctors recommend eating and drinking healthy each day. Though our bodies can handle occasional lapses, when we habitually drink too much coffee, alcohol or sodas, it can cause harm. Healthy living pays off in many ways.

If you’ve had small kidney stones in the past, these can travel through the ureter and collect in the bladder eventually becoming painful bladder stones. Other causes include damaged or weakened bladder walls. Damage can occur in many ways, such as diabetes, stroke, spinal cord injury and herniated disk. Some illnesses like Parkinson’s disease may cause bladder problems.

Symptoms of Bladder Stones

You may experience various symptoms including frequent urination. In addition, you may experience pain with urination. Pain in the lower abdomen is also common. Some patients will notice discolored urine. Make careful notes about your symptoms before heading out to see a urologist. This can help the doctor’s diagnostic procedure.

Treatment for Bladder Stones Jupiter, FL Patients

If you begin to notice symptoms as described above or if you’ve had certain types of illness or injury, you may be more prone to develop bladder stones. There are many new and some effective older treatments for this condition.

A transurethral cystolitholapaxy is commonly used to treat adults. This is a type of surgery involving a rigid tube with a cystoscope inserted into the urethra and bladder. This camera locates the bladder stones so they can be removed with surgery.

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