Bladder Cancer Symptoms, Risk and Treatment for Wellington, FL

Bladder Cancer Symptoms, Risk and Treatment for Wellington, FL

Many bladder cancers begin developing in the bladder lining (urothelium). There are about half a million cases of bladder cancer treated each year in Wellington, FL and throughout the US, with about twice as many of those patients being men. Doctors do not know exactly why more men seem to get bladder cancer than women.

How the Bladder Works

The bladder is a hollow organ whose only duty is to hold urine until it can be released. Cells in the urinary bladder can begin to grow uncontrollably and then form into a tumor. The whole process of making, storing and releasing urine is a delicate one that usually works extremely well, but when something goes amiss in the process, it is usually painful, affecting several areas, such as ureters and urethra.

What Causes Bladder Cancer?

Though experts can’t say definitively, what causes bladder cancer, there are some risk factors that you should be aware of. Smoking cigarettes puts various chemicals into the bloodstream and then as these chemicals pass through the body, they can be deposited or left along the way. One of these areas where chemical toxins might be deposited is the bladder.

Another big risk factor is working in an industry where you are exposed to chemicals, cleansers, petroleum products, poisons and similar substances. As these toxins get into your body, they pass through the normal way food and water do, but do leave behind toxins as with cigarettes.

How to Treat Bladder Cancer- Wellington, FL

There are several different categories of bladder cancer and doctors often describe them by how advanced they area. Non-invasive cancers are those that are still only found in the inner layer of cells (the transitional epithelium). Invasive cancers have gone deeper in the layers of the bladder wall. In the beginning stages, transitional cell carcinoma will line the bladder walls. If left untreated, the cells will spread to the urinary tract or urethra. Treatment options depend on how advanced the case is.

Get a Checkup!

If bladder cancer is suspected, your urologist will check the entire system for cancerous growths and tumors. In its early stages, bladder cancer is much easier to treat so be sure to see a doctor if you’re having any unusual symptoms like blood in the urine and painful urination.

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