Kidney Stones

Early Signs of Kidney Stones That Should Not Be Ignored

Many individuals know when they have kidney stones. The pain has been described with words like “excruciating” and the “worst you’ve ever seen”. And yet there are some early warning signs that you may have kidney stones and need to see a doctor right away. What Is A Kidney Stone? A kidney stone begins when [Read More…]

What to Do If You Have Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Some people have kidney stones and yet they don’t know it until the stone moves around within their kidney or passes into the ureter. This is when painful symptoms can occur. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: Severe pain in the back, below ribs Pain that comes in waves & varies in intensity [Read More…]

Kidney Specialist in South Florida

It can be hard to find a great kidney specialist in the South Florida area, but at All Women Urology, patients get more than just a highly skilled urologist. Dr. Nancy Lobby specializes in offering a wide range of treatment options to women of every age and her staff is comprised mostly of females. Your [Read More…]

Learning About Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be one of the most painful problems most of us ever experience. Many have claimed that the pain is even worse than that of child birth. So what is a kidney stone? A kidney stone (renal calculi) is made up of hard, crystalline mineral. The material forms within the kidney or urinary [Read More…]