Improve Kidney Health with These 5 Tips

Our kidneys work hard every day filtering our blood and sending the waste and toxins out of our bodies through the urine. It’s a complex process that goes on constantly behind the scenes. Most of us never think about it until something goes wrong and we get pain or alarming symptoms. There’s one thing that’s [Read More…]

5 Tips To Prevent Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer is a disease that occurs whenever kidney cells become malignant, often forming a tumor. Renal cell carcinoma is one of the more common types of kidney cancer and happens when cancerous cells grow out of control. The good news is that people often discover this disease before it has had a chance to [Read More…]

10 Foods for Healthier Kidneys

Doctors are discovering new links every day between the foods we eat and the illnesses that Americans suffer with each year, especially chronic diseases. Though oxidation is a normal process that occurs in the body, it’s important to protect yourself against adverse fatty acid oxidation. Excessive fat oxidation can create free radicals which can, in [Read More…]

Dietary Changes That Reduce Kidney Stones Risk

Though kidney stones have been around for centuries, there has been a definite increase in the incidence in recent years, especially in America. Many physicians agree that this is mainly due to the American diet, which tends to be high in sugar and fats and low in fiber and nutrition. Our bodies take the foods [Read More…]

Kidney Infections

Kidney infections can be painful and if not treated properly, they can cause permanent damage to your kidneys. A kidney infection is a type of urinary tract infection. It usually begins in your bladder or urethra and then moves on to your kidneys. Symptoms of Kidney Infection The two most common symptoms of kidney infection [Read More…]