Factors That Can Cause Blood in Urine for Women

Factors That Can Cause Blood in Urine for Women


There are two types of blood in urine: microscopic and gross hematuria. With gross hematuria, a woman will actually see the blood and this should be evaluated by a physician as soon as possible. Blood can show up as a light pink color or deep red with clots. With the microscopic type, the blood is usually only visible with a microscope. It might be detected by a physician during a routine exam.


The causes of both types are similar and can be a result of bleeding along the urinary tract. It is often difficult to tell where the blood originated from as it can come from the bladder, ureters, urethra or kidneys. It’s important to see a urologist right away, even if the blood resolves quickly and naturally.  Some medications can increase your risk of bleeding, such as warfarin, Plavix, or even common aspirin. Cancer anywhere along the urinary tract may also produce hematuria.

One common cause of blood in urine is a urinary tract infection.  Kidney and bladder stones can also cause an irritation of the urinary tract that can result in either gross hematuria or microscopic hematuria. Any trauma to the urinary tract can also cause this. Hematuria may be associated with kidney or bladder disease, along with hematologic disorders that involve the body’s clotting system. Some sexually transmitted diseases can cause this condition and there are a host of other less-common causes.


Testing done for blood in urine can be diagnosed with imaging studies, cystoscopy, and urine cytology. Treatment depends on the underlying cause. Some blood tests can be used to diagnose this condition but your doctor will also take into account your medical history. Once your doctor determines the correct cause, he or she will formulate an appropriate treatment.

Blood in Urine


As mentioned above, your doctor will formulate the right treatment for you based on the cause of the hematuria and your medical history. For instance, if caused by a urinary tract infection, your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. A healthy diet and lifestyle can help to prevent hematuria.