First Aid Tips For Hematuria

First Aid Tips For Hematuria

Blood in Urine

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Seeing blood in your urine can be very alarming. It’s important to stay calm though and make some important observations. For instance, what color is the urine? There are various shades of red and pink that can indicate different health issues, so be sure to note the exact color before contacting your urologist.

Were there any blood clots in the urine? Make a note of the size and shape of any clots. Was it painful to urinate? And where did the most intense pain originate? In some cases, patients experience back or side pain instead of discomfort in the groin and genital area. Your doctor will ask whether you are experiencing pain and exactly where it is the worst so be prepared to answer those questions.

If your symptoms appeared after a heavy workout of especially physical labor, be sure to mention that to the doctor. Also, discontinue this type of activity. Urine can change colors simply based on our diet. If you’ve forgotten to drink enough water for several days and have been drinking too much coffee, you’ll probably notice darker urine. This simply means to lay off the coffee and drink water. If the darker urine continues though, it’s time to visit your doctor.

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One simple thing that can often help is drinking plenty of water and resting. Of course, anytime you see blood in your urine, call your doctor at once. It’s important to have a urinalysis done to check for urinary tract infections and kidney disease. If the doctor suspects more than just a UTI, he or she may schedule other tests. Blood tests are often done to check for kidney disease. A cystoscopic examination can check for bladder stones and tumors.

Very often, people refuse to see the doctor because they’re afraid they’ll get bad news. Our bodies are just like any other intricate machine though. What if you let your car’s mechanical problems go for months? Things only get worse when we ignore them but very often if we get a diagnosis quickly enough, there’s a strong chance for complete recovery. Good health is all about staying on top of how your body is doing and that includes getting any unusual symptoms checked out right away.

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