Learning About Hematuria in West Palm Beach, FL

Learning About Hematuria in West Palm Beach, FL

hematuriaHematuria is a condition where an individual notices blood in their urine. Though this is alarming and you should see your urologist in West Palm Beach right away, this is sometimes not a serious illness. For instance, it can be caused by over exertion. Also, if you regularly take high dosages of aspirin, you might notice blood in the urine. Other conditions include kidney stones, tumors and urinary tract infections.

There are two types of blood found in urine. The type that can be visibly seen is called gross hematuria. The other type is known as microscopic hematuria and can only be viewed under a microscope. Because this can also signal a serious illness, it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lobby as soon as possible.

Treatment for Hematuria in West Palm Beach, FL

Your doctor will run tests to determine the underlying causes before prescribing an appropriate treatment and/or medication. In cases where the condition was caused by something simple like over exercising, it will normally clear up on its own within a few days. Other conditions that can cause hematuria are a urinary tract infection and this should be treated with a special anti-biotic.

In situations where hematuria is caused by a tumor, there are multiple factors to consider and your doctor can best prescribe the right treatment option. The same is true for kidney stones. In many cases, your doctor will simply allow the stone to pass on its own. Though this is usually very painful, it’s the safest treatment.

Your doctor may perform a blood test and urinalysis and in some cases, x-rays, CT scans, and ultrasounds are required. In certain older patients, it may be necessary to perform a cystoscopy with biopsy to test for bladder cancer. Your medical history is important as well.

More Rare Causes

In some cases, hematuria can be caused by sexually transmitted diseases, a blow to the kidneys, or certain bacterial strains including staphylococcus. In men, a prostate infection can cause hematuria.

All Women Urology serves all of south Florida including West Palm Beach offering complete screening for hematuria. Dr. Lobby will help you get to the root cause of your illness and discuss treatment options. Though the condition may be temporary and go away on its own, it is much better to see a doctor.