Tips For Dealing with Hematuria in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Tips For Dealing with Hematuria in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Most people get very upset if they see blood in their urine but it’s really important to remain calm and make some notes about your condition before calling the urologist in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. For instance, have you been having any other symptoms lately? Write down any unusual symptoms on a piece of paper and take it with you to the doctor’s office. Also, closely observe the color of the urine. Blood in the urine can be dark, different shades of red or pink. Be sure to let your urologist know the exact color.

Hematuria can also include blood clots in the urine. Be sure to note if you’ve observed any blood clots, even smaller ones.  Do you have any pain or discomfort when urinating? If you’re having pain, make notes about exactly where the pain is and whether it’s sharp, dull, aching or intermittent.

Common Causes of Hematuria-Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Don’t panic! There are some very common reasons for hematuria, such as exercising too long or consistently straining when urinating or having bowel movements. Certain foods can turn the urine various colors so this may simply be something simple that will go away on its on in a few days. There are also medications that can make the urine look darker or red colored. There’s sometimes hematuria when you have a urinary tract infection. Don’t take your symptoms for granted though. Do go ahead and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lobby in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Helpful Tips

If you’ve been going to the gym a lot, discontinue this activity or any strenuous activities. Drink plenty of water and get as much rest as possible. Keep your diet simple with foods that are easy to digest. Stay away from spicy foods, beets, or acidic foods. Be cautious about how many colas and cups of coffee you drink each day.

When getting ready for your appointment, check your notes and make sure you’ve included everything you need to tell the doctor about your symptoms and recent health issues. Remember to include things like whether you’ve recently started taking vitamin or herbal supplements. Things like this can help Dr. Lobby serving Palm Beach Gardens, Florida make an accurate diagnosis.