Preventing Kidney Cancer Boynton Beach, FL

Preventing Kidney Cancer Boynton Beach, FL

Each year, over 50,000 new cases of Kidney Cancer are diagnosed. The good news is that scientists and researchers are hard at work finding all new treatments. With early and proper diagnosis and an aggressive treatment plan, you can live a normal life. New drugs are just being approved by the FDA that target cancer cells in new and specific ways.

Renal cell carcinoma or kidney cancer Boynton Beach, FL occurs when kidney cells become malignant. Learning about this cancer before it can metastasize and spread to other parts of the body is ideal. As with all types of cancer, early diagnosis and treatment usually result in a better and more complete recovery.

How Your Kidneys Function

We rarely think about our kidneys and their function until something goes wrong. Each healthy human has two bean-shaped organs designed to filter all the body’s waste. Some activities, lifestyle choices and other outward influences make it harder for them to do their job. For instance, if you’re a smoker, your kidneys must work harder each day in order to rid the body of the chemicals associated with most tobacco products.


Kidney Cancer Boynton Beach, FL

By the same token, if you work in an industry where you are regularly exposed to harmful chemicals, your kidneys will work overtime to prevent those substances from getting into the blood stream and causing damage. Those with a family history of this type of cancer are also at higher risk and should receive regular checkups. Obesity is another risk factor for developing kidney cancer Boynton Beach, FL. Those who have been on dialysis for long periods of time should be screened regularly.

Symptoms of kidney cancer include:
• Blood in the urine
• A lump around your side/abdomen
• A persistent pain in your side
• Unexplained weight loss
• Loss of appetite

If you begin to experience these or other unusual symptoms, see your urologist right away. If you have a family history of this type of cancer, then taking a few simple steps can lower your risk of developing kidney cancer. These include common sense things like eating right and staying in good shape. If you are a smoker, then quit right away and avoid being around other smokers, as secondhand smoke has been proven to be harmful. Avoid exposure to toxic substances. A healthy diet and regular exercise can ward off many illnesses and help you live long and strong. If you have any questions or concerns, make an appointment to speak with your urologist.