Early Signs of Kidney Stones That Should Not Be Ignored

Early Signs of Kidney Stones That Should Not Be Ignored

Many individuals know when they have kidney stones. The pain has been described with words like “excruciating” and the “worst you’ve ever seen”. And yet there are some early warning signs that you may have kidney stones and need to see a doctor right away.

What Is A Kidney Stone?

Kidney Stones

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A kidney stone begins when a small amount of calcium forms in the ureter or kidney. Other foreign particles adhere to it and soon it becomes larger. Stones can form when the urine is too concentrated. Calcium stones are the most common, and they consist of phosphate, oxalate, or carbonate.  About 10% of Americans will at some time suffer with kidney stones.

Early Symptoms of Kidney Stone

The early symptoms include frequent and painful urination and a feeling of needing to go to the bathroom a lot. You may also experience low back pain and fever. Your abdomen may be swollen and painful to the touch. As the stone grows larger, so does your pain. Men are more likely to suffer with kidney stones than women. Some people have described the passing of a kidney stone as worse than giving birth.

If the kidney stone begins to move from the bladder to the urethra, it can be agonizing and may cause a urinary tract infection (UTI). The most common symptom for most people is frequent urination. Sometimes people ignore this symptom thinking that they’ve simply had too much coffee to drink. If the feelings of needing to go persist though, it’s best to see a doctor right away. Frequent urination is also a symptom of prostate problems in men and should not be ignored.

Blood in the Urine

There may be many causes for blood in the urine, but this symptom should not be ignored either. If urine suddenly becomes pink, red or brown, it can signal a kidney stone or other health problems. Be sure to see a physician right away.

Repetitive Urinary Tract Infections may also be associated with kidney stones. It isn’t normal to have UTI infections repeatedly.  The sooner you discover kidney stones, the better your chances of being able to handle this condition using natural methods.

Kidney Stones