Top 3 Kidney Stone Prevention Tips for Wellington, FL Residents

Top 3 Kidney Stone Prevention Tips for Wellington, FL Residents

Kidney stones can be quite painful. These hard mineral deposits form inside your kidneys. As they pass through your urinary tract, they typical cause extreme pain. Only about 12 percent of all Americans will have a kidney stone in their lifetime, but once you’ve had one, you are 50 percent more likely to have another one.

If you have a family history of kidney stones, then your chances of having this condition do increase. But with a combination of lifestyle and diet changes, you can reduce your risks. Simply by making a few alterations to your diet, you can greatly improve your chances of avoiding this painful illness.

Staying Hydrated in Wellington, FL

Drinking plenty of water is important, but orange juice and lemonade can also be beneficial. Those who drink less water, produce more concentrated urine and in lower outputs. This can lead to kidney stones, since your body is less able to dissolve urine salts. Drinking eight glasses of water per day is still good advice for better overall health.

Eat More Calcium-Rich Foods

Many people think they should avoid calcium rich foods since the calcium oxalate stone is one of the more common types of kidney stone. Just the opposite is true. Though Calcium supplements can increase your risks, it’s important to eat foods that are high in calcium. These include yogurt, milk, cheese and green vegetables such as broccoli and kale.

Lower Your Salt Intake

The American diet now includes many foods that are high in salt, so it’s very easy to get too much salt in your diet. The Urology Care Foundation recommends cutting back on salt because urine that is salt-heavy may prevent calcium from being reabsorbed from urine to bloodstream. This can lead to kidney stones. Try to avoid foods high in salt, such as potato chips, lunch meat, canned meats and condiments. Read food labels carefully. Try using fresh herbs to improve the taste of your food without adding salt.

Wellington, FL Urologist

If you’ve had kidney stones in the past, it can be helpful to work with your urologist in Wellington, FL to generate a healthy diet and lifestyle plan. Once you’re better informed, you can avoid foods that might be harmful. Dr. Nancy Lobby at All Women Urology works with patients to help them maintain their good health throughout their lifetime. Please call to learn more about preventing kidney stones.