Improve Kidney Health with These 5 Tips

Improve Kidney Health with These 5 Tips

Our kidneys work hard every day filtering our blood and sending the waste and toxins out of our bodies through the urine. It’s a complex process that goes on constantly behind the scenes. Most of us never think about it until something goes wrong and we get pain or alarming symptoms. There’s one thing that’s been proven over and over. When we consume more harmful foods and drinks, we cause our kidneys to work especially hard. On the other hand, we can facilitate their work by eating and drinking healthy.

What are you drinking?

Everyone’s been told to drink lots of water and most of us do, but we sometimes forget that just drinking water each day isn’t enough. Avoid drinking too much coffee, soda, and alcohol. Try to limit your intake of these types of beverages. Try some different types of juice, such as prune, grape, and apple. Be sure to look for juices with no added sugar.

Bad Habits Wellington, FL

Smoking and doing drugs can put a number of toxic substances into the blood stream. Your body will try to do its best to filter these
substances out, but it’s best just to try and avoid these bad habits.

Eat Healthy

We just can’t hear this too much. It’s so important to eat fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Remember that certain vegetables can cause the urine to change colors. It’s always a good idea to get things like that checked out, but sometimes it’s simply a result of eating kale or beets.


This one we get constant reminders about from loved ones and our doctor. It’s so easy these days to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. You may have to encourage and reward yourself for getting up but it’s worth it. Try to at least take a couple of short relaxing walks each day. The Wellington, FL area has beautiful vegetation and good weather for outdoors activities.

Herbal and Over the Counter Medications

People often assume that herbal supplements and over-the-counter medications are safe to take in any quantity but that’s not true. You must use caution when taking certain herbal supplements. Some of them can interfere with your prescription meds. Be sure to let your doctor know about all herbal and over-the-counter meds you take regularly. Most urologists in Wellington, FL will ask about this and record it in your medical chart.