Improve Kidney Health with These 5 Tips

Our kidneys work hard every day filtering our blood and sending the waste and toxins out of our bodies through the urine. It’s a complex process that goes on constantly behind the scenes. Most of us never think about it until something goes wrong and we get pain or alarming symptoms. There’s one thing that’s [Read More…]

What Causes Bladder Stones for Jupiter, FL Residents?

Much like kidney stones, bladder stones are made of hardened minerals. Drinking plenty of water can usually keep things flowing normally, but sometimes urine gets trapped in the bladder. There, it can quickly become thickened and concentrated, eventually becoming crystallized. This may cause stomach pain or even blood in the urine. Causes of Bladder Stones [Read More…]

New Information about Treating Cystitis for Boynton Beach, FL

Cystitis, an inflammation located in the bladder, is often caused by a urinary tract infection (UTI). UTI’s, in turn, typically occur when bacteria enters the urethra or bladder. As these bacteria begin to multiply, a patient will experience symptoms such as painful urination and hematuria (blood in the urine). As this condition progresses, the inflammation [Read More…]

How Common is Nocturia in West Palm Beach, FL?

Once we reach a certain age, it just seems natural to make four or five trips to the bathroom each night. Though Nocturia is associated more with those over 60, it can happen at any age. Getting up and down all night can be tiresome and cause frustration. But there are new treatments to help [Read More…]

New Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Overactive Bladder

You may have recently seen ads on TV for new medications to treat OAB. This condition affects millions of Americans each year. Overactive bladder is not a disease. It’s more accurately referred to as a group of related symptoms. Though OAB has traditionally been more associated with older people, this is not true anymore. People [Read More…]