Facts About Overactive Bladder in Royal Palm Beach

Facts About Overactive Bladder in Royal Palm Beach

downloadThis condition has become more common and involves the sudden urge to urinate. It can be very annoying, though not life threatening. It’s caused by the muscle walls of your bladder contracting resulting in an overwhelming need to urinate. OAB is not life-threatening in most cases but it is a condition that can really interfere with your quality of life in Royal Palm Beach. Imagine having to run to the restroom dozens of times each day.

People with overactive bladder may experience unintentional urine loss at times. If you’ve had this happen a few times out in public, then it may be best to wear protective pads. These have come a long way in the past few years and can be very comfortable and an easy solution. There are medications and treatments that can help as well.

Should I See My Royal Palm Beach Urologist?

Once you learn to live with overactive bladder, it can be nothing more than an inconvenience. If, however, this condition is causing a disruption to your quality of life, then you may benefit from seeing a urologist. Today, there are a number of treatment options such as medications that can help, along with Kegel exercises.

If you have pain or other symptoms, you should schedule an appointment. Some types of cancerous tumors can cause the symptoms of OAB so the sooner you are tested, the better.

For those with minor cases of overactive bladder, it’s usually a good idea to have protective pads on hand for when you go out in public. Ask your Royal Palm Beach doctor to show you the correct way to perform Kegel exercises. These will strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor enabling your bladder muscles to work better.

Overactive bladder can occur at any age, but mostly affects older females.  It does seem to worsen as we get older but there are a number of good treatment options available so never feel like you have to just put up with OAB.

Dr. Lobby at All Women Urology is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating OAB and she offers many treatment options that can help alleviate your symptoms so you can get back to all your normal activities. Why not call to set up an appointment? We serve all of Royal Palm Beach and surrounding areas.