New Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Overactive Bladder

New Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Overactive Bladder

You may have recently seen ads on TV for new medications to treat OAB. This condition affects millions of Americans each year. Overactive bladder is not a disease. It’s more accurately referred to as a group of related symptoms. Though OAB has traditionally been more associated with older people, this is not true anymore. People of any age can experience overactive bladder.

What Causes OAB?

Frequent urges to go can occur when your brain tells your bladder that it’s time to urinate, when actually, it isn’t. In OAB, your bladder muscle contracts, causing frequent urges to empty the bladder. This can negatively affect anyone’s life. You might be at a concert where the bathrooms are always full or a long way to walk. No one wants to feel the urge to go and yet have no convenient place to go. This often prevents people from going to ball games, concerts and other public venues.

Causes of OAB can range from weak bladder muscles to a urinary tract infection. In men, a prostate condition often includes some degree of overactive bladder. Many people believe that this condition is common for those who are older or overweight, but this isn’t always true. In addition, there are many new treatment options now available.

Treatments for OAB

One of the latest treatments for OAB is Botox. Botox is injected into the bladder walls to help these muscles relax. This may also be a good treatment option for those with occasional bladder leakage. There are drugs as well, like Myrbetriq. Once your doctor fully diagnoses your condition, he or she will recommend the best treatment options.

Healthy Plumbing

The bladder, kidneys and urinary tract are all connected on some level. These are areas that can cause a great deal of pain and distress when they aren’t working properly. If you’ve had problems with frequent urination, this could be a sign of overactive bladder or OAB. There are medications and other solutions for this problem, but don’t let this go on for months or years. Schedule an appointment with a good urologist and discuss your fears, symptoms and issues.

There may be very simple explanations for overactive bladder. Your doctor is there to help you find out what’s really going and recommend the best treatment options. Please call All Women Urology if you have concerns. Dr. Nancy Lobby can help you understand the causes and symptoms of OAB so you get on the right treatment plan.