What Causes Overactive Bladder for Patients in Wellington, FL?

What Causes Overactive Bladder for Patients in Wellington, FL?

If it feels like you have to go to the bathroom too much, you might have a condition known as overactive bladder. It’s not life threatening but can definitely become a nuisance. It is caused by various factors or conditions and some of these can be improved with lifestyle changes and other things. The first thing to do is to see a urologist and have the condition properly diagnosed. Once you learn what is causing overactive bladder, you and your doctor can begin working on solutions.

Those who suffer with overactive bladder sometimes experience unintentional urine loss. This can be embarrassing if you’re out shopping or eating lunch with a friend. Protective pads are now much more comfortable to wear and practically invisible so you can still wear your favorite outfits. But there are treatments that might help as well.

Overactive bladder in Wellington, FL

In most cases, simple things like Kegel exercises can help. If you aren’t sure how to perform Kegel exercises, ask your doctor. There are also simple instructions online. It’s important for women to keep their pelvic floor muscles strong. Because females bear children, more strain and usage is placed on female pelvic floor muscles. But with just a few positive lifestyle changes, you can regain that lost muscle strength.

Simple Lifestyle Changes

As with everything in life, the best quality of life can be obtained by staying fit and healthy. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Take daily walks or join an exercise class. Even if you do have overactive bladder, don’t let that prevent you from enjoying your life. Ask your doctor for other treatment options.

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