5 Tips To Effective Bladder Control

5 Tips To Effective Bladder Control

As the population ages, doctors are seeing more and more problems like bladder control. Although this is not exclusively due to ageing, a larger number of patients with this condition are over the age of 60 or so. Products like Depend, which were once a very hush-hush type of thing, are now widely recognized and accepted as an aide to those who might experience bladder leakage. Besides wearing a product like this, there are a few other tips to controlling your bladder functions.

Caffeine and Alcohol

These are both notorious for causing incontinence, so if you have overactive bladder, try limiting caffeine intake to around 100 mg per day or about one cup of coffee. Remember that tea, soda, chocolate, and some medications also contain caffeine. Try to avoid alcohol altogether.

Check your Diettomatoes

Certain foods can increase your urge to go. These bladder irritants include spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomatoes and tomato products. There are many other foods considered bladder irritants but each of us is different and what causes a problem for one person may not be an issue for another. Try to keep track of whether you experience bladder problems when eating foods like processed meats, artificial sweeteners, cranberries, and yogurt.  This way you can develop your own personalized list of foods to avoid.

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Artificial Sweeteners

We’ve all heard the warnings about many of today’s popular brands of artificial sweetener. The NAFC has declared cesulfame K (Sweet One) and sodium saccharin as the worst for overactive bladder. Try to avoid them altogether if possible. Use a squeeze of lemon or honey instead.

Kegel Exercises

This is an easy way to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong and in good shape. If you aren’t sure exactly how to do them, speak to your urologist or OB/GYN. Try to do about 40 contractions twice daily. And they’re not just for women. Many doctors are prescribing Kegel exercises to male patients.

Retrain Your Bladder

Does it seem like you spend too much time in the bathroom? Most of us have a tendency to go as soon as we feel the urge, but you can retrain your bladder. Be careful not to hold urine for extended periods of time since this can cause urinary tract infection.

If you’ve tried a few of these and still have a problem, see your urologist. There are a number of medical treatments and medications that can help with overactive bladder. Don’t just suffer! Instead, take control of your bladder issues and get back to a normal healthy lifestyle.

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