All About Kegel Exercises

All About Kegel Exercises

One physical cause of having a less than perfect sex life is our anatomy and its inability to function correctly.  Pelvic muscles can get weak and stop functioning properly leading to a poor sex life.  So let’s talk about how they get weak. Most often it just happens with age. As we get older, we are less inclined to exercise daily. We are more comfortable just sitting in an easy chair watching TV. After about the age of 60, most people slow down considerably, but exercise is just as important as when you were 20. Actually, more so.

Kegel Exercise

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After not using muscles for an extended length of time, they start to atrophy. They need to be stretched, worked and strengthened regularly until they’re strong again. This also applies to the pelvic area. Kegel Exercises (medical term is pubococcygeal exercises) work those muscles around the pelvis. The pelvic floor muscles should remain strong throughout our lives. This will not only help with conditions like overactive bladder and bladder leakage, but it also increases sensation in that region.  If you’re not using the muscle, you lose it.

With increased muscle strength you’ll also be rewarded with enhanced blood flow, better nerve supply, improved sensitivity and reactivity and that can equal a more fulfilling sex life.  Kegel Exercises are not at all difficult to do and you can do them while cooking dinner, watching TV or just about anytime.

How to Do Kegel Exercises

You can sit or lie down. Take a deep breath and get comfortable. Try to contract the muscles you would use to stop urinating.  Feel your pelvic muscles squeezing your urethra and anus. Your stomach and buttocks muscles should not tighten. If they do, then you aren’t doing the Kegels correctly. It can take time to find the right way that feels good for you. Once you do, then begin by doing a set of 12 each session. Try to do them 3 times per day and hold the contraction for at least 3 seconds; then rest for 3 seconds.

Make a habit of doing Kegel exercises every week at least a few days per week for best results. Consistency is key for things like this. Kegels can be done by men as well and it may be a good idea to do them together each week. You can expect stronger pelvic muscles and better sensation in that area so this can be an all-natural method of keeping your love life strong.

Strengthening these muscles not only increases blood flow, it helps keep vaginal tissue healthy.  Your doctor may suggest using biofeedback to make sure you are doing them correctly.  Biofeedback is used for all sorts of things these days and has really proven its worth. You can see, feel, and hear when an exercise is being performed correctly. If you need tips on doing Kegel exercises correctly, be sure to ask your doctor or urologist.

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